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Scientists in the Keating lab carry out research that involves experimental and computational method development, as well as the application of established and novel methods to problems in molecular recognition. Many lab members have projects that involve both experiments and computation, but this is not a requirement. Scientists and engineers from a range of backgrounds who are interested in using their ideas and skills to advance our understanding of protein interaction specificity are encouraged to apply.


If you are interested in postdoctoral training in the Keating lab, please send an inquiry to Please explain your background and the basis for your interest in our research, and include a brief description of your longer term career goals. Please include your CV. If we have a suitable opening, you will be asked to send three letters of recommendation, which may be followed up by an interview.


Graduate students join the lab through PhD programs offered by the university. All applications are made directly to these programs, which will arrange on-campus interviews for top candidates. These visits make it possible to discuss your interest in the lab one-on-one before selecting a graduate program. Please make sure to indicate your interest in the Keating lab in your application and to the graduate office. All students carry out research rotations before choosing a thesis lab in the spring of their first year. One or two graduate students typically join the lab each year.

We encourage you to apply:
Biology PhD program
CSB PhD program


The Keating lab encourages UROP candidates interested in our work to contact Prof. Keating directly to inquire about openings. We periodically post openings at the biology department site or through the UROP office, but other positions may be available.

Biology UROP Program

UROP Office Website


Paid summer internships are not available, except through MIT programs such as UROP, MSRP or the HHMI-MIT summer research fellows program in chemical biology.

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